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Time goes by even when you think life has stopped December 28, 2011

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After commenting on a relative’s blog, I realized how easy it is to lose track of time.  In my case, that is really funny.  I don’t work, I don’t drive, I only leave my house if someone is taking me somewhere – so what is my excuse for not continuing to blog on a regular basis?  I am going to give myself this one time break and say it is because it is still new to me and I’m not sure that I’ll always have anything worthwhile to write about.

We all have made it through most of the holiday season; mine done from the internet and one fun trip to a Dollar Store to get silly stocking stuffers for seven people: my three adult daughters, their significant others and my husband.  I spoiled myself by picking up body wash and triple A batteries for my camera, as I don’t usually get a stocking.  Dollar Stores and places like that are great as you get to buy Silly Putty – 2/$1; Silly String $1 a can; you can find name brand shampoos, deodorants, movie-sized boxes of candy and Suduko or Seek and Find books.  Oh yeah – thick thermal socks for – yep – $1, gloves, scarves, silly hats.  How many people can fill seven stockings for $46?  Be honest.  They are supposed to be fun and not filled with gift cards, Nano players, etc.  They always look forward to seeing what I find and everyone of them tried the silly putty.  I’m pretty sure the silly string will be for New Year’s Eve/Day.

Best gift to everyone: a snowtube – they all turned into children and started talking about where they could go.  As my girls grew up in Boston, we know plenty of great places.  But even here in town, we have a few famous hills as I used to trudge up and down them as a child myself.  Now if the powers that be will grant us with some snow!  I guess there is a certain satisfaction in their response as I always say, “stay a child on the inside as long as you can”.  There was nothing better than going to every playground I could find when the girls were young and chasing them, swinging, sliding and just forgetting about grown-up things for a while.

You would not know that I stepped away from this blog as I can save it as a draft and go back to it, but as I have Late Stage Lyme, I actually had to leave as I just started doubling one of my medication and it made me sick to my stomach.  I am hoping this will adjust in a few days.  I despise nausea!

Not to get away from the holidays, shopping from the internet offers its own bargains and its own problems.  Three gifts did not show up on time even though tracking showed they would.  I also have to plan ahead money-wise as I do not have credit cards and chronic illnesses usually leave you with a small “bounty” at the end of the month.  I don’t go crazy; I try to think of thoughtful gifts, something they wouldn’t buy themselves and try to keep the cost even.  My girls have never noticed if one got more packages than the other and except for one year and one gift, I do believe I have done well.

There is also the planning of what I will make for each family’s house that we visit.  My sister lucked out as I was feeling well and made a lasagna and a chocolate trifle for dessert.  My husband’s house got two Chocolate Angel Pies as long ago it became evident that one would not be enough.  This is the first time in six years that I have made the food without help.  That was amazing.  Maybe Mom was looking down on me and pushing me to do it!

So my Christmas started at 7am and ended when we pulled into our driveway at 8pm.  I did this with no nap, I felt engaged and not anxious, I remembered to bring my medicines with me and I was happy.  I like to say the word, but I much prefer to feel it!

Well – sorry to say that I just stepped away again.  I have to take this double-dose for three months; I hope this symptom goes away quickly.

I think this is a good place to stop.  I don’t know if the title will make sense when you read the blog – but the point is that even though I am housebound (for better choice of words), I still manage to get a lot done.  More than I have in the years past and this is the path I plan to continue on.  Be well.


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  1. I hope you are feeling better – it was great to see you on Christmas and your lasagna was awesome…just like you !!!!


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