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No New Year Resolutions, but plenty of hope January 3, 2012

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I know I’m still not good at blogging as that would mean that I would have to read all the categories, settings, tools, appearance, etc. and that is one of my problems.  Whether I just can’t be bothered or I feel it would be to time-consuming, I can’t honestly say.  I know I have cognitive issues and I know I get frustrated when I read something and it makes absolutely no sense to me.  Then I read it out loud to see if that makes a difference – NOPE!  Then I try it and if I do manage to complete the task it takes ten times longer than it should.  I learned this over a year ago when my daughter set me up on Facebook so I could stay in touch with friends.  First challenge was when I thought I was going to be able to change my profile picture with ease!  I think MAN created fire more easily.  I scanned, I downloaded, I put in a folder, I went to Facebook Profile page and chose BROWSE to find my picture.  Well it wasn’t in the picture folder, it wasn’t in the document folder, I searched by name of picture and finally after half an hour, I found it under RECENT documents.  Then, with pure joy, I clicked on it and went to Facebook to see the result – nothing. Hmmmmm.  I hit browse again, I had the picture, I knew I could figure this out.  Stared at the screen for a few minutes and decided to click on the jpeg file – surely that was the answer.  Back to Facebook-OMG-it wasn’t there.  I must have called one of my girls by this time and was told to just click on the picture.  “I did”, I said.  Then they calmly said, “try double-clicking to open the file”.  Pure magic happened as my picture moved to the profile section of Facebook.  I thank them so much for never laughing at me except in fun.  There wasn’t even a snicker.  I thanked whichever fabulous daughter that was for her help and after a mere hour I had done something that now takes me a minute or two.  It wasn’t simple the next time I tried either, or the time after that, but finally it sunk in to “open” the file; or “double-click” and just like that I had control.  Are you picturing this, are you wondering what my IQ is, are you laughing?  I hope you are laughing because this is just one example of one thing in my day.  I admit I was mad I couldn’t do it without calling in help.  I wasn’t swearing, banging my head or anything like that – I was more or less assuming that the computer had no idea what it was doing!  Well, I have conceded that I was wrong.  But I have learned.  Tomorrow I will learn something else that used to be habit like turning off lights instead of turning them on!  (I’m starting to blame the dog, but I don’t think anyone here is buying it).

I can add that I officially graduated from physical therapy Thursday, December 29, 2011 – six months after I started showing up twice a week with my very cool walker and sunglasses to get my frozen shoulders fixed.  These fabulous therapists didn’t stop there, they got me stretching, moving, using weight machines at low weights and as happy for me with each step of progress as I was.  When I showed up on my 49th birthday, I was wearing a t-shirt that said SASSY and I was using forearms crutches – the therapists looked twice to make sure it was me, but I’m kind of hard to mistake for anyone.  Now two weeks later at my last visit, I went to the second floor where they have a small track.  I was going to see if I could make it around without wearing myself out.  I handed my crutches to Ben and assured him I could do this.  He stayed right by my side as I walk not once or twice, but four times around that track (1/4 mile) unaided!  So my gait isn’t pretty, but I remembered to put my heel down first so I wouldn’t catch my toe as my left side is weaker than my right.  I know I had tears in my eyes and I’m pretty sure Ben’s were a little shinier than usual.  They have every right to be as proud of me as I am!  Ben and Larry worked so hard and worked together to make a plan most beneficial to me.  It was with very mixed emotions that I took my “graduation” t-shirt from them, hugged the whole group and walked out — right to the front desk of the gym to sign up so I can keep moving.  HOPE is a beautiful thing!  Peace and love, Kathi


One Response to “No New Year Resolutions, but plenty of hope”

  1. midlifekrisis Says:

    I love you , my cousin, you are the bomb !!!! Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I too have to ask people to help. I have this cell phone that 16year old taylor had to help me with. Meanwhile she’s on the latest i padphone touch thinga ma jiggy. Anyway, backto you, keep blogging as you inspire me and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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