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The small things in life February 12, 2012

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I haven’t been good about blogging and I have plenty to write about, but I have been a little busier with a new schedule I am trying to follow to readjust my sleep cycle with the need to get up at the same time every morning and use a sunlamp for 1/2 hour, walk at noon (which is great that I can), going to the gym working with a trainer and thinking I can do more than I really can at this point of my illness. I was so impressed with my cousin’s last blog that I am going to do the same thing right now: list all the things that make me happy just as they pop into my mind – here goes: sunrise, sunset, planets aligning, meteors showers in the middle of the night, my daughters, my husband, even my old dog, music, reading from the Kindle my girls got me, working on crosswords again, playing cribbage, playing Peggle or Mahjohnng Dimensions on the computer, my sisters, my cousins, walking without even a cane, smell of baked goods, baking, my trainer Bobby and his enthusiasm for my drive to get better, online shopping, babies laughing, my husband laughing, anyone laughing really, catching up with friends in person now, having so many real friends on Facebook so that I feel connected to the outside world, the ability to look forward to things now, all the foods I can’t eat, rain hitting hot pavement, snow, watching the world turn green in the spring, flowers and flower beds, still having a swing set with kids in their 20’s, my girls boyfriends, St. Jude, and, lastly, waking up every day to find something new to appreciate.


2 Responses to “The small things in life”

  1. robin hall Says:

    It sounds like you’re doing so much better! I’m so happy for you! And a great idea to list all the positives in your life!


  2. great list Kath !!!! I think you are awesome andi love you !!!! you reminded me of some more things to add to my list !


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