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Improvement already??? June 21, 2012

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Hi again!  This blog will be much shorter than my last one that detailed all that I had been going through and the changes I was making.  Why?  My husband showed me a note I had written last night after we had gone to a medium (no, not getting into that – way too much info) that was for him to share with a specific friend.  He asked if I had “looked” at it and I said, “I don’t know what you mean, does it not make sense?”  Dave showed me the note and said that it made perfect sense and my handwriting was normal with no crossing out of words, mixing words up and it was my “old” penmanship.  Shock and awe!  I didn’t spend any time writing it specifically trying to be neat.  Dave was excited, gave me a hug and said, “this is neurological” which made me very happy and hopeful.  Now I want to do everything – go back to the gym, get my driver’s license, do things on my own.  That’s because I remain the optimist always even if I have my down days with this crazy illness.

Now since my last blog, I am continuing on Alinia (anti-parasitic), taking my beta-blocker in the morning and not having any palpitations (saving those heart beats for the future now) and taking two packets of Propax with NT Factor.  I believe coming off the antibiotics when I did was necessary for the sake of my gut and has given me a reason to think of more cleansing/detoxing.  I am going for a myofascial massage in about two weeks to see if I can get relief of my inflammation of my faschia.  This person is already aware of my illness and will go very slowly.

I am going to see the eye doctor who specializes in treating children (mainly) for tracking issues.  He saw me at my visit to the first eye specialist to be able to explain what was happening with my eyes, but could not help with my lack of tracking, so he brought in the other doctor who found me very interesting.  If he can help me that will be great as I will feel more confident if I am going to drive.  If he finds that this is a permanent condition, then I will still have an answer and that’s all one really wants – an answer.

The heat this week will keep me drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of salads, but I still have to work on the foods that I want to eat as I slowly change over from my four year long detox diet.  Juicing still sits in the back of my mind as a good possibility for breakfast.  Anyway, I said this wouldn’t be long and it is already very hot in my living room, which is where my PC is and that is a good reason to end this.  Wish me luck! Kathi


4 Responses to “Improvement already???”

  1. oh Kathi. this is good news! I hope and pray we keep getting these ibm’s (itty bitty miracles). I love you and you always inspire me with your grace , courage and especially optimism . I could learn from you ! i love you and keep blogging !!


    • ibm and ihmj – I love your codes. Thanks for the compliments – I could correct you, but I’ll just accept them for a change. You are doing just great on your own and wish you would believe that. I’ll try to keep you more updated by blogs.


  2. Lymed Out Says:

    U were off meds for a month? Did u take yourself off did ur doc? Are u much better?


    • I was taken off high dose doxy, Biaxin, Plaquenil and Mepron as I had a severe bout of abdominal pain and after abdominal CAT scan and lab work showed nothing but a ovarian cyst, we decided to give my gut a rest and just do Bicillin injections twice a week for a month – that was starting May 10th. I did feel better pretty quick (2 weeks) considering I’d been on antibiotics for over 4 years. I then saw my neuro-lyme doc who put me on Alinia and told me to continue with the Bicillin injections. Eight shots cost $672.00 (co-pay). For the first time I made a decision not to shell out almost $2,000.00 till I saw her again in September. I feel fine on Alinia and Propax with NT Factor. I guess the blood work results will tell the truth.


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