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Juicers, supplements and myofascial massage, OH MY July 3, 2012

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Well, here I am deciding for myself what I am going to do and see what changes I notice.  I finally have my heart palpitations under control with the help of one little pill and have an upcoming echocardiogram to check my heart to be sure there is no damage from Lyme.

I have been taking Alinia (anti-parasitic) since June and then started Propax with NT Factor to help repair my damaged cells.  There are 5 capsules in each packet and you are supposed to take two – three a day with food.  At $60 for 60 packets, I am taking them twice a day.

I bought an inexpensive juicer that doesn’t handle lemongrass, but I don’t think I care much about that.  I made my first fresh juice today out of kale, granny smith apple, strawberries and blueberries.  I made a mess due to the blueberries, but the juice was good.  It only made 12 oz. so if I am going to all the trouble of the cleanup afterwards, I am going to try and fill the 48 oz. cup it comes with and store the leftovers.

I also had my husband pick up items so I can use the blender to make breakfast smoothies as I always seem to skip breakfast.  Almond milk, non-fat yogurt, coconut water with any of the fruits and veggies should be just delicious 🙂

I am almost ready to try the gym again or plead with the physical therapist to work with me, but last night I had an hour long myofascial massage with some Reiki mixed in.  The massage therapist was aware I have Lyme and I explained about cramping and spasms and then just laid on the table and let myself go somewhere else.  That hour flew by!  Then 3 hours later the side effects kicked in with light-headedness and a headache starting at the back of my neck.  I started to feel beat up so I knew toxins were being released.  I went to bed happy and woke up needing to use my Craft-Matic control to raise the bed to sitting position so I could get out of the bed – ugh!  Still, I was happy as this meant my body was responding to the massage.  My next few massages will just be for 1/2 hour as we “peel away the onion layers” without overdoing it.

So do I think I know if what I am doing is better that taking antibiotics?  Right now it seems like it and I’m sure my stomach is happy with the decision.  I guess I will know more when I get the specialty blood work drawn in a few weeks before I see my neuro-lyme doctor.  Then when I see her I will get to have the new Bartonella test done and I am very excited about that and I am going to ask her to test me for brucellosis.

Sorry there was no humor, just an update, but it’s 8 pm here and I felt the need to post something as it’s been too long again.  I wish I was as good at remembering to blog as the bloggers I follow!  Happy 4th and let’s see what the weather brings for the day.  Kath


2 Responses to “Juicers, supplements and myofascial massage, OH MY”

  1. robin hall Says:

    Kathy, you are an inspiration. with all you’ve already gone through, i can still hear the excitement in your voice as your embark on your new regime. i so hope that you will soon feel the benefits throughout your whole body! away toxins, away!!!


    • Robin, thanks for your positive thoughts! Dave has been home this week and has taken me out every day as he realizes how housebound I am. He has also watched me fall asleep three times in one day, walk right into counters, door frames and creak around in the morning. He is so tolerant and funny about it, I can’t help but laugh with him. I have always loved to laugh (often at inappropriate times)!
      I find it strange to have a message from you this morning as when I woke up, the first thing I thought of was you and your Mom and that I need to message you on FB. Dave has always said I am a freak. Thanks again. Kath


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