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Fourth try to post a blog July 17, 2012

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I am going to make this short and sweet as I have written three prior blogs and each time I have gone to post one, I got an “INVALID REQUEST” message.  So I clicked on the help button, followed what it said to do and then when I went to post, my blog was gone.  Next time, I figured I had corrected the problem already, clicked “POST” and got the same error message.  Then we cleaned up the computer as we do every few months as it was running slow, so I again wrote a short post – SAME MESSAGE.  The funniest part is I can’t even remember what I wrote about and it was just last week – not a clue!  Is that Lyme or is it that they just weren’t worth remembering?  Well, here I go…………..


2 Responses to “Fourth try to post a blog”

  1. robin hall Says:

    computers were supposed to make our lives easier, sometimes i think they make our lives less easy and more frustrating!


  2. whatever you wrote I’m sure it was very profound!!! those dam computers, love em and hate em too….but i ALWAYS love you !!!!!


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