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Lack of memory July 19, 2012

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While I’m sure my three missing blogs were exemplary and witty, I still cannot remember a thing about them.  This bothers me.  Memory issues are annoying to my husband at times.  He just spent two weeks off with me and got a good taste of what life is like on a daily basis.  I don’t know how many times he said, “How can you not remember, we just talked about this yesterday.”  He tried to be calm, but I know he wanted to pull someone’s hair out!  None of these things that I forgot were going to bring an end to the world as we know it, but it does put a strain on the day.  He also likes to say, “We just had a discussion about this…” and I just look at him like a deer in the headlights.  Appropriate for a Lymie!!!

On some of my Facebook Lyme sites there is always someone talking about loss of memory or we start making jokes about it because there is nothing much we can do.  I try memory games on the computer, I TRY to remember who I had a certain conversation with so I do not repeat myself.  I feel like I need to carry a clipboard around all day and write down who called and what was said, who texted me and what I texted back, who’s thread on Facebook I joined in, which Lyme site I posted something to that I wanted an answer about an issue, and, of course, my meds and when I took them.

There’s more:  I want a mini-recorder so when I go to an appointment, I can record it so I have exact details of the visit.  I have heard that legally it’s okay as long as one of the people (that would be me) knows that they are being recorded.  I don’t think a doctor would find this amusing, though.  But really, when you are at an appointment, the doctor is firing questions at you and first you have to process what she/he is asking and then search that fabulous memory for the answer they want.  Then you probably correct yourself at least twice later on in the visit.  Days, weeks, months all meld together because they are all basically the same, at least for me.

Once I go to bed, usually by 11 pm and after a handful of pills to help me sleep, I am up within two hours needing the bathroom.  I am already in terrible pain as I try to get my feet to flatten on the floor so I can hobble to the other side of the house where our only bathroom is (not that my house is big), and then I have a drink and hobble back to bed where I change the position of the Craft-Matic so I can sleep on my stomach for a while.  Now I may get three hours of sleep before I wake up again due to pain.  So I get up to stretch out everything and change the position on the bed again and I’m back on my back with my feet elevated to try and stop the cramping.  Usually by 5 am I’ve had it and I come out to the livingroom and curl up on the recliner and turn on the massage or heat and get my last hour or two of “night time” sleep.

Rise and shine, it’s gonna be a great day.  First pills of the day followed by making coffee (yeah, I know I’m not supposed to have coffee because of the Lyme, but I’ve been treated for 4 years and told my Lyme is pretty well controlled for the time being), then I do any dishes we might have left in the sink, maybe put on a laundry and then take my coffee and check my email and go on Facebook.  Oops, today I’m writing a blog – I hope the Dow doesn’t plunge because I’ve changed my routine!

Shower, dress, more pills, by noon I’m thinking I should have had something for breakfast


7 Responses to “Lack of memory”

  1. Hey, this isn’t the whole post! To copy my saved Word document to a new blog or just let it go……


  2. robin hall Says:

    God bless you! Just a little tidbit: menopause reeks havoc with your memory too. Don’t know if you’re there yet, but i am (perimenopause) and although my problem is not a bad as yours, I do notice a difference.


    • I don’t know where I am with that, Robin, to be honest. Both my younger and older sister are almost thru it and I still get mine every month – except I’m late this month because I have to have a pelvic ultrasound and it is dependent on when I get my period. Figures. xoxo Hope you are well and dealing with your Mom’s health okay.


  3. Becki Says:

    Oooo, it’s frustrating. It’s harder to accept since we’re not elderly – and even they want to remember things, too. Since I started drinking coconut oil (not just oil pulling, but drinking it clean and fresh 1 TB at a time), my memory has improved leaps and bounds. You should try it! Not just the swishing — just drinking it. It’s not as gross as one might think.


    • I’ve read every blog and am so mad I threw out a jar I had of coconut oil as it had separated after being opened so I thought it was bad. I’m just trying to gear myself up for it as I have a stupendous gag reflex 🙂 You are an inspiration!


      • Becki Says:

        Yeah – mine was thick and buttery but the heatwave left it a semi-clear puddle in the jar. LOL. You know, simply consuming some is extremely helpful – even cooking with it or using it on salads. I can’t get over the mental clarity I’m experiencing.


  4. OK – I’m sold, I will order some from Vitacost – I keep hearing about Tumeric – what do you know about it and do you use it? Thanks.


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