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The Wedding, Part 2 August 28, 2012

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August 28, 2012

Happy 30th Anniversary to us!!!

Wedding Day, Part 2

Well, I ended yesterday’s blog with my graceful exit from the Church, so I will continue with the reception and the honeymoon with no money!

Dave and I got into the limo to head to the reception and, of course, there was champagne for us, which neither of us like (I don’t drink), but we held up the glasses for a picture, shut the door and made our way slowly to the next town over.  I guess they do that so everyone can get there before you.  We made our grand entrance without any incidents by me and then set up the meet and greet line in front of the cascading waterfall.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day and I was so happy at that point that I decided to do the reception line at the hall instead of outside the Church as I would have melted.  I have never done well in the heat!  Doris is doing a great job with the Guest Book and my sister, Donna, has stopped shaking.

We all move to our tables and I think I did a great job in placing people together with Dave making just a few changes.  We did have a long head table for us, Donna and Billy and the parents/stepparents.  The other tables had or relatives, friends from childhood, vacations in New Hampshire, school and jobs.  It was quite an array of ages!  The DJ (yes, I could not be bothered finding a band or trying to pay for it) started playing music while everyone milled around and got drinks.  The drinking age had gone back to 18 at that time.  Finally the DJ asked everyone to sit so that Dave and I could have our first dance together as husband and wife.  That was funny as I could count on one hand how many times we had danced together prior to our wedding.  Now came an interesting twist – we didn’t have one wedding song – we had two!  I picked the song that meant the most to me regarding David and he picked one for me.  To us it made sense.  It wasn’t that we couldn’t have just decided on one, but I think that we had a particular song in mind for each other meant more.  So first they played my song, “Always and Forever” and then they played David’s song, “Precious and Few”.  That meant I got to dance with Dave twice that day!

There were more dances for the father/daughter and mother/son, but then it was time to eat.  Oh, yes, I had to be different.  I chose a family style turkey dinner for everyone.  Everyone loves Thanksgiving and I thought what would be better than turkey, mashed  potatoes, stuffing and all the fixings with as much as you wanted as it was family style.  It was not a buffet; every table was served and could just ask for refills of whatever they wanted.  I don’t remember eating anything much, but do remember my mother trying to get to me on the dance floor to drink some Coca-Cola as I just wanted to dance!  Dave was the perfect host as he went from table to table talking to everyone.  I sat at different tables when I needed a break from dancing and talked with everyone, just not a properly as Dave did.  But I know that he knew if he kept moving, I couldn’t make him dance anymore!

My friends have the same humor as I do and made sure the DJ played Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night” and John Cougar’s “Hurts So Good” and others along that line.  The older relatives were probably talking too much to pay much attention, but my friends thought they were so funny!  The DJ also played line dances, the polka (which my best friend, Sue, and her Dad danced to and it was hilarious) and whatever anyone asked for and this was so much better than a band to me.  We had from 4pm to midnight to have as much fun as possible.  My stepdad, Charlie, and I danced to a slow song and I still remember him humming the whole time in my ear.  I loved that man so much.

It’s around 11pm when Dave and I go upstairs to change into our going away clothes.  I had to cool down from all the dancing before I could get my dress on and my hair was a mess!  Dave magically took his comb and fixed it so it looked better than it had all day!  We went back downstairs and everyone formed a circle around us and I think I got one more dance out of Dave, there was applause and then we said our goodbyes and out the door we went.  Apparently there was quite an after party at the Farrell’s, but we didn’t even know about it and were driving to the Cape in the pouring rain.  Dave had a nice new Jeep that I still love, so even though the weather was awful, we had no problem getting to Chatham in just over two hours.  We checked in to an inn that a friend had said was beautiful and she was right.  First problem?  I had made the reservation over the phone and then sent them a confirmation letter stating that it was our honeymoon.  So, what’s the problem?  They gave us the room right next to the front desk.  OK, it’s after 2am, which is way passed my bedtime and I am pissed.  I storm back up to the front and demand a different room shoving the letter in the man’s face.  We got moved.  The next morning I woke up to a weird sound.  I followed it into the bathroom and realized that I could hear the person in the next room brushing their teeth – ha ha – wonder what they heard from our room!

We headed out with plans to spend the day on Martha’s Vineyard, so we caught the ferry and Dave had a nap while I just sat next to him.  Once on Martha’s Vineyard, we rented a moped to tour the island.  That was the second mistake – one moped instead of two!  Being the second person on the back of a moped is NOT comfortable at all.  It was pure joy when I finally got off that thing!  Also, we didn’t think much of Martha’s Vineyard after all we had heard about it.  Back on the ferry we went and Dave slept again.  He is amazing!  We ate dinner, went to the drive-in in Yarmouth and then back to the not sound proof inn!  We woke to another beautiful day and decided to drive to Provincetown.  We stopped at the National Seashore and walked the beach and waded in the water.   It was still ice cold at the end of August.  We get back in the Jeep finally and as we are making out way toward Ptown, I ask if we can turn around and head back as I didn’t think we were ever going to get there.  No problem with Dave and we head back.  Little did we know we only had another 15 minutes to reach our destination!  We found a great restaurant on the way back and had dinner.  Then we walked the beach near our inn talking about what we would do next as we were checking out the next day.  “Let’s play it by ear”, says Dave and I’m fine with that.

The next morning we are checking out and the front desk person informs us that we have a reservation for 4 nights not 3 and if we left, we would still have to pay for that night.  Oh, I am so happy I have that copy of the letter with me.  I pull it out of my purse and show her where it clearly states the dates of the THREE nights we were staying.  Hah!  I win again!!

On the road again we head back towards home and decide to continue our road trip to the White Mountains.  First we spoil ourselves by staying at the Sheraton in Braintree, MA and order room service and watch football – yes, really – I am a sports junkie.  Our waiter was not as when he delivered our meal, he asked if anyone had scored a goal!  Oh, the things I remember.  We waited till he was long gone and then burst out laughing.  Silly kids.

Now we were already low on funds, but I did have my American Express card (yes, I got one at 18), so off we go to New Hampshire.  As we are approaching the 3 hour drive time and can see the White Mountains and all of a sudden, the traffic is at a standstill.  Now I am getting edgy as I am not the best traveler.  Dave is trying to convince me that it is just a traffic light in the distance, and, of course, he is right.  It took us almost an hour to get through that light and then we hit the Kangamangus Highway, which is so much fun to drive!  We stop and get something to eat and then look for a place to stay.  Oh boy, it is Labor Day weekend and every place we stop is full.  By 11pm I am figuring we are going to be sleeping in the Jeep and I am not even upset about it.  I am tired!  Just as we are about to give up, we see a vacancy sign at a little set of cabins.  We pull in and sure enough we get the last cabin.

We enter the cabin and immediately realize how cold it is (we had the heat on in the Jeep).  There is one coil radiator in the kitchen and that is it.  The tiny bathroom has a wooden seat (not like the fancy ones people buy nowadays).  I’m thinking “splinters”.  The bedroom has a full-size bed that is about 4 inches off the ground and when we laid on it, we rolled right into the middle of the bed.  Dave does not like the cold as much as I do not like the heat.  At one point he says he is taking a blanket and sleeping on the radiator!  I waited for him to do it, but we finally fell asleep.  We wake up and check out and go in search of breakfast.  Then we decide to head to Rindge, NH as I realize that my family is up there for the long weekend.  I grew up vacationing there for two weeks every year and then Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.  It took us about 1 ½ hours to get there and we surprised everyone!  I’m thinking that now we have a place to stay for the night and Mom will be happy to feed us!  We crashed in the living room that night after staying up late telling them about the honeymoon and making them laugh – A LOT!

Time to head to our new home; an apartment in Canton, MA;  two minutes from the train station which was just what I needed to get to my job in Boston.  Our furniture was set to arrive that afternoon as it had been bought and paid for before the wedding.  We waited then waited some more.  Now I am calling (luckily I had set up phone service).  I finally get someone who tells me that there was a mistake and it will be two days until delivery.  Are you kidding me???  I ranted but to no avail.  Now starving after waiting all day, we go out to eat and buy some food as the apartment has a refrigerator and stove.  Sleeping arrangements you ask?  Two bean bags on the living room floor.  Dave can sleep anywhere on anything.  Me, not so much.  Not a happy puppy without my sleep.  We make the best of it and get our wedding gifts from my Mom’s house and Dave’s Mom’s house.  We wash everything, put away the kitchen stuff, do the same in the bathroom and wait on our kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture.

It all showed up two days later and now we have our place all set up – OUR PLACE!  And so it begins………


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  1. Becki Says:

    This is AWESOME. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your stroll down memory lane. 🙂 Happy Anniversary. ❤


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