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New Round of Lyme Medications December 11, 2012

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December 9, 2012

Yesterday I started on two new intravenous medications; 500mg of Zithromax and 500mg of Flagyl.  As this was the first time having these drugs by IV, a nurse visit was necessary as was taking each medication separately to watch for any reactions.  This required a nurse visit of at least three hours and she was not coming until 2pm.  This was already going to cause a disturbance in my other medications and supplements, never mind my nap!  Three hours with a nurse I had not met was causing me some anxiety.  Not that I mind someone needing to be here, in fact I am very grateful that someone is willing to give up a good portion of a Saturday to sit with me, but just a generalized anxiety.

As I now had the morning free, Dave went in search of Christmas decorations, missing stockings (yes, I still do stockings as they are fun), and we came across my Mom’s holiday decorations.  Last year we just packed everything up when she died in November and didn’t have any time to think about them.  I went through the box and picked out a handful of ornaments that had meaning to me and even found one that my daughter, Amy, made when she was probably 4 or 5.  I know she will like to have this one.  Then Dave comes out of the room with a small fiber optic light tree and I almost said “trash it”, but instead had him plug it in.  It is now in my front window and it made me happy to have it on all day yesterday in the dreariness.  My Mom is definitely around me all the time now!

Now I am still trying to get my medications in and eat lunch so that I am not starving during the nurse visit.  I tried to nap, but it was too early.  Dave decides to run a few errands just before the nurse is to arrive so that it will be easy for her to park in our crazy shaped driveway.

Pam shows up about 10 minutes early and I like her immediately.  She has taken the time to print out information on the medications for me and goes over them so we both know what we are watching out for in the way of reactions.  Now she hooks up the first IV – 500mg of Zithromax and gives me some great tips as she is doing it.  I am supposed to let her know of any issues, such as headache, dizziness and any of the more dangerous side effects.  It is a slow running IV and I keep turning up the speed of the drip.  Yes, I had a headache and was dizzy, but it passed.

Dave returns from his outing with a few bags and is happy to announce the savings he received on some holiday trays and pans because I have so many points earned at my pharmacy, we get most anything at almost half-price!  He is very comfortable with Pam also as he is chatting away while making “Crabbies” and Tollhouse bars for a party that he is going to later.  I was laughing as he was so funny and relaxed while toiling away in the kitchen.  My how the years of my Lyme have changed things!  He also kept refilling my water and asking Pam if there was anything she wanted.  I loved that he would ask me questions just to make sure he made his treats right and he cleaned up as he went along.  This man that I have known since I was 12 still surprises me and has opened up so much because of my illness.

It takes two hours to finish the Zithromax IV drip and I am feeling pretty tired.  Pam wants to know if I want to move to a different seat, but I say no.  She unhooks the Zithromax and starts the 500mg IV of Flagyl.  This one should only take an hour.  Now my eyes are starting to close and Pam insists I move to the recliner in the living room for comfort and to close my eyes.  I am being treated like royalty!  The minute I get settled in the recliner with my legs up and the heat on, I must have dozed off as the IV is done!  I have survived this medication without incidence and am extremely happy.  It is now 5:30pm, so it has been a 3 ½ hour visit that passed quickly and actually was enjoyable between Pam and Dave.  Pam actually shakes both our hands and tells us she couldn’t have enjoyed a Saturday visit more.  That was such a lovely thing to hear after a long day.

Dave gets me settled and makes sure I feel alright, insists that I call him if anything changes and gets his treats together and heads out to the party.  I know I can call him, my sister, Donna or my daughters, Amy and Meg, if I am not feeling well.  I am happy that Dave gets to go out and enjoy time away from me.  He is either working, here with me, running errands, doing things for other people and I just want him to realize that I know how important it is for him to do something for himself.  I also know that I am going to be a slug on the couch for the night watching whatever I want to on TV.

I have two more days of both medications and then I just do the IV Zithromax from Tuesday to Friday.  I know that I will more than likely “herx” within 48-72 hours and am prepared for the discomfort.  This is part of the process of kicking Lyme and co-infections.  But I will not worry about it ahead of time as that is a waste of time. Kathi