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With Lyme, all you can do is try March 8, 2013

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With Lyme, all you can do is try.


2 Responses to “With Lyme, all you can do is try”

  1. Jason Says:

    No you can do more than try you can do LDI or low dose immunotherapy. It is a new therapy developed for lyme with better than 90 percent symptom elimination. Ty Vincent from Wasilla Alaska developed it within the last year. It is an offshoot of LDA or low dose allergy therapy. The therapy desensitizes you to lyme bacterias. You can not view it as an infection but more like an autoimmune disease to the bacteria. Many people have lyme bacteria but they do not react to it, or should I say their immune system reacts to it properly. Hope this helps.


    • I never replied to your comment as after a few good months of health, I was bitten by a tick again and tested positive for Bb again. Thank you for the input as my Lyme doctor will be having this therapy in-house shortly and I am very excited. I understand that Borrelia B make OspA. It’s a fungal antigen. Fungal antigens re-activate ALL latent Herpes family viruses (in my case, EBV and a positive HLA-B-27). As I now have the bacteria, viral loads and fungal infections under control, I hope that I can begin LDI sooner rather than later. Thank you again for taking the time to respond to me.


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